What is the best zone to watch from?

There are lots of strategies for finding the right balcony. Some people want to be high up so they can see as far as possible, others want to be so close they can smell the bulls run by. Some people prefer Estafeta street where you can see the farthest (it is a long, straight road) or Santo Domingo because you can see the runners praying to San Fermin’s statue, asking for luck with the Run. We prefer Dead Man’s Corner because this is where the bulls often collide with runners and generally, everything slows down a bit as man and bull turn the sharp angle from Mercaderes onto Estafeta street. People with a balcony on Mercaderes can also see the … read more

Will breakfast be served?

Some owners serve coffee, hot chocolate and pastries on some of the days; others cook a full breakfast and again some do not serve anything at all. We try to indicate whether some sort of breakfast is served but we cannot guarantee this. Usually, you are welcome to bring Churros (Spanish friend dough) or a baguette but no alcoholic beverages, cups or glass bottles. This is to protect the runners from spectators dropping things onto them.

How many people have space on a balcony?

Balconies vary in size but generally 4 – 5 people, but we have balconies for over 10 people, have space next to each other. Balconies are attached to apartments and usually there are at least 2 balconies per apartment so that a group larger than 5 will be able to stay together. Generally, you can move freely within the apartments and change spots amongst each other or with other guests. Also, balconies in Pamplona are so close next to each other that you can often hold hands.

Can I refund a balcony once I paid for it?

Please note that we make commitments to people in Pamplona, based on your purchase. Our ability to refund your money depends on the chance of us reselling your reservation to someone else. Our suppliers are very firm about cancellations, so we must be as well. If you purchase from us, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the following terms: Before April 1, 2013: Refund of 75% of payment From April 1 to May 1, 2013: Refund of 50% of payment From May 2 to June 1, 2013: Refund of 25% of payment Between May 2 and June 1, 2013: Refund of 25% of payment After June 2: Please understand that at this point we are unable to refund … read more

I purchased a balcony spot. What do I do next?

PamplonaBalconies.com will provide you with an eVoucher that contains your purchase information and instructions on how to find the balcony. The address of the balcony is the product name, for example “Estafeta No 2, Level 1”. On the day you purchased the balcony spot for, go to Estafeta Street in Pamplona and locate house number 2 (or whichever address your bought your balcony on). Make certain you know where the entrance is. We recommend, visiting the door the day before the Run when you are not surrounded by a lot of nervous runners, shoving you around. One of our representatives will wait outside the building with a list that has your name and purchase information on it. Please bring an … read more

How much should I expect to pay for a balcony?

From what we know, balcony spots on the web are sold between EUR 90 and EUR 160 per spot, i.e. per person. Some people purchase their balcony in Pamplona, on the day of the Bull Run (encierro). This is possible for inferior balconies (i.e. high up and not in the interesting corners) and often only later in the week because the first days sell out. These balcony spots tend to be a little cheaper than the ones you buy online. We caution first time visitors to only pursue this method if you know where you are going, speak a little of Spanish and understand that you may not find a spot and therefore miss the Bull Run (encierro).

How can I purchase a balcony spot?

Online is the easiest way to purchase a balcony spot and also the safest if you want to guarantee your spot. In addition, the best balconies (e.g. the Dead Man’s Corner building) are sold via a network of Internet vendors and travel agencies; the only other way to obtain a spot on them is through relationships. PamplonaBalconies.com automated the sale of balconies. You can read about them on our website and then check out through our safe terminal. Upon payment you will be sent an eVoucher which includes directions on how to find your balcony. Since we believe in information visibility we let you know the exact location of your balcony before purchase. Most other vendors will only let you … read more

When should I buy my balcony spot?

This depends entirely on when you plan to visit the Running of the Bulls. Balconies for July 7th – the first Run – usually sell out in spring. The case is similar for the weekend (8th, 9th and 10th for 2011) when many Spanish and French come to visit. From the 11th onwards we recommend buying Dead Man’s Corner tickets far in advance but a spot on Estafeta can usually be found closer to July.

How important is it to have a balcony spot?

If you don’t have a balcony there is a good chance that you will see very little, to nothing of the Run (unless you’re in it of course 😉 ). Most of the Run is through Estafeta Street which does not have any space open to spectators and so there are only few places where you can watch from the street level (Telefonica, Plaza Consistorial and Mercaderes, to be precise). These areas start to crowd 2 hours before the Run. Early during the San Fermin Fiesta the chance of getting a good view is extremely low. Later in the week, the crowds thin out and you can defend a spot in the second row behind the medical staff who are … read more