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Can I refund a balcony once I paid for it?

Please note that we make commitments to people in Pamplona, based on your purchase. Our ability to refund your money depends on the chance of us reselling your reservation to someone else. Our suppliers are very firm about cancellations, so we must be as well. If you purchase from us, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the following terms:

Before April 1, 2013: Refund of 75% of payment

From April 1 to May 1, 2013: Refund of 50% of payment

From May 2 to June 1, 2013: Refund of 25% of payment

Between May 2 and June 1, 2013: Refund of 25% of payment

After June 2: Please understand that at this point we are unable to refund your payment. You might want to consider travel insurance to cover eventual losses.