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How can I purchase a balcony spot?

Online is the easiest way to purchase a balcony spot and also the safest if you want to guarantee your spot. In addition, the best balconies (e.g. the Dead Man’s Corner building) are sold via a network of Internet vendors and travel agencies; the only other way to obtain a spot on them is through relationships.

PamplonaBalconies.com automated the sale of balconies. You can read about them on our website and then check out through our safe terminal. Upon payment you will be sent an eVoucher which includes directions on how to find your balcony. Since we believe in information visibility we let you know the exact location of your balcony before purchase. Most other vendors will only let you know approximately where the balcony is located.

Some people purchase their balcony in Pamplona, on the day of the Bull Run (encierro). This is possible for inferior balconies (i.e. high up and not in the interesting corners) and often only later in the week because the first days sell out. These balcony spots tend to be a little cheaper than the ones you buy online. We caution first time visitors to only pursue this method if you know where you are going, speak a little of Spanish and understand that you may not find a spot and therefore miss the Bull Run (encierro).