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I purchased a balcony spot. What do I do next?

PamplonaBalconies.com will provide you with an eVoucher that contains your purchase information and instructions on how to find the balcony. The address of the balcony is the product name, for example “Estafeta No 2, Level 1”. On the day you purchased the balcony spot for, go to Estafeta Street in Pamplona and locate house number 2 (or whichever address your bought your balcony on). Make certain you know where the entrance is. We recommend, visiting the door the day before the Run when you are not surrounded by a lot of nervous runners, shoving you around.

One of our representatives will wait outside the building with a list that has your name and purchase information on it. Please bring an I.D. so we can verify that it is you. The representative will lead you upstairs at 7 a.m. together with all other spectators for that day. Please do not ring the doorbell before 7 a.m.