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What is the best zone to watch from?

There are lots of strategies for finding the right balcony. Some people want to be high up so they can see as far as possible, others want to be so close they can smell the bulls run by. Some people prefer Estafeta street where you can see the farthest (it is a long, straight road) or Santo Domingo because you can see the runners praying to San Fermin’s statue, asking for luck with the Run. We prefer Dead Man’s Corner because this is where the bulls often collide with runners and generally, everything slows down a bit as man and bull turn the sharp angle from Mercaderes onto Estafeta street. People with a balcony on Mercaderes can also see the runners line up and warm up for the Bull Run (encierro). It is the most interesting part while you wait on your balcony for the Run to start. Since the streets close at 7 a.m. you must be there early for the Bull Run (encierro) that starts at 8 a.m.