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Pamplona Concierge Services - Bilbao ToursIf you want to know a city where modern art and traditions of their people live, Bilbao is not to be missed. This is the most cosmopolitan Basque city – crowded and bustling.Pamplona Concierge Services - Bilbao Tours

Bilbao’s name is now undoubtedly linked to the spectacular Guggenheim museum designed by Frank O. Gehry that has brought the city its international fame. But Botxo (how Bilbao is commonly known) is much more than that. Over the years, it has become an attractive tourist destination, equipped with a wide range of cultural, shopping and dining.

It is a chameleon city, which over the past two decades has managed to reinvent itself, completely transforming its character as well as its appearance. However Bilbao has preserved the charm and charisma of its old places and traditions.

We propose

Bilbao is one of those cities where you can find many charming places that make it attractive to all who visit. To not miss anything of the city, what we propose is to visit with the help of a guide who can explain its history and traditions in English.

Also, housed in a centrally located grand hotel you can stroll Zorrozaurre, the famous Guggenheim, the bridge Zubizuri (“white bridge” in Euskera (Basque), designed by Calatrava) and Arenal (a charming neighborhood). You can also stroll through the Old Town and lose yourself in the 7 streets surrounding the cathedral.

Once you know the city your guide can take you to the Guggenheim Museum, which houses works from the permanent collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, which includes the collections of the Guggenheim in New York and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, as well as works acquired by the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin. These collections provide, in aggregate, a comprehensive overview of the visual arts of the twentieth century.

Bilbao also belongs to the Basque Country, so we should not forget their food – we can recommend and book first-class restaurants where you can sample typical pintxos (tapas) and modern food.

If you just want to know Basque country better,, can arrange for visits of one or more days to cities and towns near Vitoria, Bermeo, Mundaka, Urdaibai and Portugalete. Or get tickets to see one of the most typical sports, pelota.

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