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Plaza de Toros - PamplonaPamplona Bullfights - San Fermin Festival    San Fermin Festival Bullfights

Every evening from the 5 to 14 of July, the bullfights take place in the Plaza de Toros, (where the morning Bull Run terminates). We have access to advance tickets that you can reserve today. Please be aware that advance tickets are expensive and will be much more than the face value of the tickets. You can sometimes purchase tickets from the kiosk or from scalpers in front of the Plaza de Toros on the day of the event but it is never a sure thing, (and the price can vary wildly). If you are only in Pamplona for a day or two, we suggest paying the premium for certainty.

Bullfights July 7 – 14

The Shade-Side (Sombra), is occupied by a more sophisticated audience who pay great attention to the Fight.

The Sun-Side (Sol) is the more rambunctious side, typically occupied by many young Spaniards who sometimes are more interested in a wild party than the actual Fight.

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Special Showcase – July 5th

On July 5th there are also 6 bullfights in the evening. Since it is technically, pre-season they are more affordable and also, the audience is calmer which makes for a more professional atmosphere.

Corrida de Rejones July 6th

Only on the 6th you have the chance to watch a “corrida de rejones”, where the matador is mounted on horse. Also, you will see world famous matador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza.

July 7-14: starting from $120 Buy Pamplona Bullfight Tickets buy now