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Despite the number of events that are in Pamplona during the festival, many visitors do not usually go to some of the most traditional San Fermin happenings. Typically, these events are difficult to access because for some, very few tickets are available for sale or you need local relationships to help you get in the door.

The highlights of the festival are the procession, the apartado and the Pelota festival. We can offer tickets and balconies to see them.

Procesión de San Fermín – July 7th

The 7th of July, at 10.00 am, the procession of Saint Fermin leaves from the church of San Lorenzo.

bullevents_2_1The city leaders in all their finery are accompanied by the city band, The Pamplonesa, as well as the Gigantes and Cabezudos. The official entourage all set off to head for the Cathedral to collect the “cabildo”. The route is jam-packed with crowds who want to see the image of the saint and the entourage that accompany him.

Then, once united, all head off for the church of San Lorenzo, where the remains of San Fermin are kept.

Along the way, there are homages paid to the saint and often impromptu songs are directed at the figure of the saint by people along the route.

Apartado – July 7-14

bullevents_2_2The Apartado is the sorting of the bulls each afternoon where they are assigned to a matador for that afternoon’s bullfight and then separated from each other.

There three separate groupings (lots) of bulls (two bulls per matador), trying to balance the strengths and weaknesses of the animals. They draw lots from the mayor’s hat as the bullfighters are awarded in order of seniority. They then separate the individual bulls in a corral, so they are free to run.

It is an exclusive event, where we can see bullfighters up close, and also politicians, artists, and fans of renown.

Pelota Vasca – July 7- 14

bullevents_2_3Pelota Vasca is a sport that is practiced in the north of Spain – mainly in the Basque Country, Navarra, Asturias and Castilla León and has been since the thirteenth century.

In Navarra the most-practiced form of the game is hand ball, which is played in a frontón (court). Two teams of two players participate and the aim is to force your opponents to fail to launch the ball correctly against the wall, either because they cannot reach the specific zone or because the ball bounces more than once.

During running of the bulls there is a festival of Pelota Vasca in Frontón Labrit. Attending a game of Pelota Vasca is to participate in a cultural and historic act in which traditions and folklore of unquestionable value can be observed.

Also, if you just want to know Pamplona and its corners, with the help of English-speaking professional guides., we offer tours where you may walk on the encierro (Bull Run) route, you may know favorite places of the american writer Ernest Hemingway.

To inquire about these options, please email concierge@pamplonabalconies.com.