The Clock is Ticking

Posted on Tue, May 29, 2007

For many unfortunate souls, this is going to be how they watch the encierro this year.

blog_01 If you can’t tell by how long its been since my last blog entry, I’ll just say it: WE’RE VERY BUSY, AND THERE ISN’T MUCH LEFT. Pamplona is officially sold out for the first weekend. The only way we’re able to help anyone at this point is to bribe homeowners who had never thought about renting into opening up their apartments.

If you have ANY flexibility in your travel plans, don’t show up until July 10th. The middle of that week will still be crazy fun, Pamplona will not run out of cerveza, sangria, or vino, and you’ll have a chance of NOT sleeping on a bench in the Plaza San Francisco.

As our apartments and balconies fill up, we’re turning our attention to the next two most important things on your San Fermín checklist:


For food, we’re setting up our afternoon Pintxos (tapas) and Wine events. After a tough morning running with the bulls, you can, for 30 Euros, get a healthy serving of tapas and all the wine you can drink from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can even upgrade and try a few glasses of the best of the best Navarran and La Rioja wines for a few euros more.

Transport to Pamplona continues to be a big question among our clients. We have sedans, vans and mini-busses standing by to meet you at any of the regional airports. See our Airport Transfers page for more detail.

We also hope you enjoy our new San Fermín Video Guide. Watch for more topics to be uploaded in the next week.

Viva San Fermín!