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Running of the Bulls, Inc. Wins 2015 Certificate of Excellence
May 20, 2015 and Running of the Bulls, Inc. were recognized by TripAdvisor for providing superior guest experiences. The 2015 Certificate of Excellence is awarded to companies that consistently receive excellent ratings from their guests. Commenting on the award, the Founder and President, Mark Hellmann Regouby said, “Our guests’ experience in Pamplona is our #1 priority for us.  We are pleased that we are able to not only be the largest tour operator in Pamplona, but at the same time, consistently provide an unparalleled guest experience.  This is due in part to the fact that our team travels to Pamplona to personally host our guests, but also a result of our excellent hotel, restaurant and other hospitality partners.” We look forward to … read more

Interview With Iñaki Gonzalez, Experienced Runner
March 29, 2012

Iñaki Gonzalez began attending the running of the bulls 27 years ago. In this interview he shares his significant experience for those that are interested in participating by running or by watching this dangerous and traditional event that takes place every year in Pamplona from July 7 to July 14. Since you are an experienced runner, we would like to hear more about your background so our customers will learn about the run and how the locals experience the running of the bulls. Could you explain us when and why did you decided to run the bulls? Although I began running when I was 18, I had wanted to run since my mother took me to watch the run when … read more

Interview With a Pastor of the Running of the Bulls
March 12, 2012

The “pastores”, are one of the most important figure of the running of the bulls, without which there would be the proper functioning thereof, are located behind the bulls with their rod, to try to keep the bulls herd compact, and to draw the attention of those annoying, quote or touch the animals. Miguel Reta, one of the best-known pastores of Pamplona, ​​going to tell us his vision of the encierro during San Fermín Festival, and will help us understand the importance of their work. Just left 116 days to reach the festival of San Fermin and I’d like people who are not of Pamplona, ​​understand because there are men dressed in green and with a stick in his hand … read more

The Running of the Bulls in Figures
February 27, 2012

Some people think that the bulls run many times during the day, some others think that just on July 7th take place the running of the bulls… I think that before you come to Pamplona to enjoy the San fermín Festival, you have to know this interesting information that I found at the Web of the Council of Pamplona. Time: 8 am Dates: From 7th to the 14th of July Route: 848.6 metres. Santo Domingo, Plaza Consistorial, Mercaderes, Estafeta and the Bullring. Average duration: 3 minutes and 55 seconds Speed of bulls: 24 km/h The longest Bull Run: 30 minutes (11th of July 1959). A Miura bull dropped behind the herd and it was necessary to use a dog to … read more

To Run or to Watch…
December 2, 2011

Personally … I will always recommend that you watch! I have attended the San Fermin festival for 28 years and have not yet run. 

I don’t miss out on the fun by not running, that I would not enjoy it or that I’m a coward. Running with the Bulls is an dangerous adventure, and you should be excited but understand that you will be running with 6 large animals very nearby. 

If you are not 100% sure what you do … do not run! If you have doubts, I advise that first you watch the run from a balony, the Plaza de Toros or from the sidelines, and then decide if you want to run the next day. The three … read more

Ready to run with the bulls?
November 15, 2011

If you are reading this you are probably planning to run with the bulls…..and if you want to run you may know that running with the bulls is dangerous. It requires some physical preparation, common sense and the desire for a once in a lifetime experience. Please enjoy a few tips so you have all the fun and less of the stress for a truly unique experience: Select in advance the section in which you run Many people think that running of the bulls means you run from Corralillo Santo Domingo in a straight line to the bullring … and this is far from reality. One of the most important keys to success is to understand and prepare for the … read more