Interview with the Artist – Running of the Bulls

Carlos Ciriza ( is one of the most recognized painters and sculptors from the Navarre region with more international potential.

I would also like to discover further possibilities that the Navarre has to offer, regarding art and culture.

We can find works by Carlos Ciriza in museums, parks, highways, public and private collections, and distributed in 23 countries. In Pamplona only two museums house his work and are not equipped to display more of his pieces. One of Carlos’ sculptures, entitled “The World of the Bulls”, is located outside the bullring in Pamplona. With this sculpture Mr. Ciriza wanted to capture his love of his city and the Festival of San Fermin.

Carlos’ other piece of work in Pamplona is called the “Obelisk.” This sculpture of steel and wood materializes four bull heads facing the four cardinal points, initiated from a common area in the trunk that supports them. The piece is inlaid with rectangular fragments of wood fencing, reminiscent of San Fermin and the running, therefore linking this animal to the festival. The “Obelisk” is a tribute to the bull, a brave animal, and the strong character of San Fermin Festival.

Carlos, could you explain to our readers the works related to San Fermines that can be visited in Pamplona?
In addition to this work which you have mentioned, there are others that are very close, possibly the best known is the monument to the closure which is located on the street Roncesvalles in the corner Avenue Carlos III, another is a bust in memory of Hemmingway also outside of the bullring …

Which is your favorite place in Pamplona to enjoy the art?
More than a favorite place is punctually interesting what offering every cultural center. Throughout the year there are a number of areas, mostly public where you can see the different artistic expressions, exhibitions, concerts and conferences … Now I remember, I could mention the Bastion, the Museo de Navarra, Teatro Gayarre, Gunner Palace at the beginning of the street, the cultural center Civican and the different spaces in Civibox Hall, there is another interesting area for its location and environment which is the Citadel, an ancient military fortification built between the XVI and XVII century, very well preserved and today houses in their buildings different cultural activities, also very quiet place to relax between trees and greenery.

If someone is looking for fun but also a bit of relax, during these days, where you recommend to go?
During the days of San Fermin, primarily the party and artistic events are in the streets around the city center for all to enjoy, so the implication is direct and unavoidable. For those who also want to relax a bit during those days, you can find many places both in Pamplona and the rest of Navarra, and all very close. For those who live in the U.S. or people who travel often around with those distances between cities and states, Navarra community is a very comfortable and easy to visit for its small size.

And culturally speaking, which areas near Pamplona are interesting to visit?
If you can spend a few days in the land, there are many places and cities to visit, to highlight some might suggest Estella city with all its richness historical artistic, if you come to this beautiful city, you can visit the different neighborhoods, especially the San Pedro and San Miguel, the Palace of the Kings of Navarre, unique example of Romanesque construction in Navarre, now houses the Museum Gustavo de Maeztu, the Palace of Justice, House of Fray Diego, the Palace of the Eguía that is where we lived when I was born and currently houses the municipal library. To six miles, Olite with its spectacular Palace, the Monastery of Leyre, Javier, Viana with the Church of St. Mary, Roncesvalles with a spectacular collegiate, Puente la Reina, Eunate . Many places to visit, enjoy and also enjoy its rich cuisine.

Besides art, can you recommend some acts to attend, and to learn more the culture of Pamplona during the holidays?
The Txupinazo that starts the festivities, the Closures, the targets, the output of the rocks, a special event and that if I do not travel I try not to miss is the procession of the day July 7 in the morning, a colorful event multitudinous great tradition. Not just for the people here, last year some Japanese reporters called me after recording images in the different routes also told me that they were in one of the acts they attention most, but there are many others, has to be experienced mostly in the streets.

What do you like most about the San Fermines? And the least?
One of the things I like best is the meeting with friends, some of them only come to Pamplona during the festival, many things to tell and enjoy together, the mornings and lunch, the children accompanying the Giants, the music that surrounds the city, the joy that conveys all the world … and perhaps worst overcrowding is unavoidable, Pamplona is a small town and for nine days hosts a lot of people.

Like many fortunate living in Pamplona, you can enjoy what the holidays offer for 9 days, but if you could only spend two days in Pamplona, what you don’t have to miss?
You have to approach the Plaza Consistorial and see the place from where Txupinazo launches, to the high street, road travel of Santiago, Plaza del Castillo, the nerve center of the city, to walk Sarasate, to Estafeta Street and street adjacent and taste the richness of the many bars Pintxos offer authentic cuisine in miniature.

Each year, many of our clients on their journey to Pamplona, could be interested in buying art related to the city or the holidays, and who better than you to advice. Could you tell us where we can find your work or other paintings, sculptures, crafts and photography representing our city?
If anyone is interested in purchasing any of my works, please contact my office by calling +34 948 228 543 or via the Web (

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