The Running of the Bulls through a child’s eyes

We would like to thank Elijah for sharing with the world his experience in Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls. This young blogger, enjoyed San Fermin with us in 2013. We not wants to share with the world what the Running of the Bulls and San Fermin is like through a child’s eyes.

Why did you decide to travel to The Running of the Bulls?
I decided to go see the running of the bulls because it sounded fun. I was going to Spain anyway for summer holiday, plus I chose Spain as the country for a school report, so I read about it. But I was already interested in the running of the bulls before I researched it because my mom showed me a video of it.

What is the most exciting thing that happened to you in Pamplona during your visit?
The most exciting thing that happened in Pamplona was seeing all of the people who fell going around the corner during the Running of the Bulls.

Which do you think is better a hotel in the Pamplona Old Town or a further from the old town?
I prefer a hotel far away from the old town, but if you are a big partier then I would stay somewhere close to the town. If you are booking a balcony to watch the events, you should go to the old town and find your balcony or balconies before the festival starts, because if you wait until the day itself, I guarantee that you will be walking in circles for quite some time.

Which was your favorite event during the festival?
My favorite event during San Fermín was the running itself because it was fun and exciting, and it had the most action.

What do you think about runners?
I think some of the runners should not have been running because they either looked drunk or old. I thought it was funny how all the arrogant people ended up being the most scared people who were running once they saw the bulls.

When you are 18-years-old or older, do you want to come back to Pamplona and run?
When I am 18-years-old, I do not want to participate in the Running of the Bulls because I think it would be too chaotic and it would be really scary. Also, I do not want to be trampled by people or bulls.

Do you think that San Fermin is a festival that kids and families can enjoy?
I do think some families can enjoy the festival, but for the younger kids I think they should only go to the procession and other events like that. The reason I say this is because sometimes it can be too chaotic, intense and a bit too scary. I also do not recommend San Fermin to people that are claustrophobic, because the streets are swarming with people.

Is there something that you didn’t like during the fiesta?
I did not dislike anything about the festival because everything was entertaining and there was always something new you could see or experience.  Maybe the litter – but that has nothing to do with the fiesta.  It is the tourists who litter the streets. I saw a man who was sitting beside a trash can, drinking a can of beer.  When he was done, instead of throwing the can in the bin, he threw in on the street!

As young traveler, what is your recommendation for other young travelers who visit Pamplona? Any recommendations for adults too?
I recommend that if you visit Pamplona you should not just watch the Running of the Bulls, because San Fermin is more than just that. There are other religious events which you should not neglect completely because they are very interesting, fun and family friendly.

I also recommend that grown ups bring something to entertain the kids – especially the younger ones because there is a lot of waiting around for an event to start. And kids might get bored. There is also a lot of standing, so wear comfortable shoes.  The streets get very dirty and wet, so also wear shoes that can be washed or that you don’t care about.
If you want to read more about his experience, you can here

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