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One thing Spain is known for is its incredible food. 

Spain has several common local dishes, and each area in the country has its own specialties.

Navarra, offers some of the best food in the country!! Our food is known for fresh and quality products. Fresh products cooked with love and shared with great company, make our food unforgettable.

When I was a child, I remember helping my grandmother Manoli, prepare a special meal for San Fermín Day (July 7). Each year on that day, our family, celebrate the holiday with a special family meal.

Like most other people, as a child I knew my grandmother was the best cook in the world. I was her little sous chef and helped her prepare all parts of the meal. My favorite part was helping her bake desserts.

She taught me to make traditional Navarra dishes such as Torrijas, Txandrios, Canutillos de crema, natillas, queso con membrillo y nueces or our family’s famous cuajada (well, it was famous when grandmother made it….it was close to edible when I helped).

My words cannot describe the unique blend of flavors of our traditional Spanish dishes. However, until you come to Pamplona and taste this food yourself, you’ll have to take my word for it. Below, I’ve given you a lot of words….but you can’t begin to describe the food of Pamplona with less. Come see us during San Fermin and try out some of my favorites:

Let’s start with desserts. Why wait?

Torrijas: this is a traditional Spanish fried bread similar to French toast, flavored with cinnamon or liqueur, and sweetened with honey, syrup or sugar. This dessert has humble origins and is offered in many modern day restaurants accompanied by hot chocolate, ice cream.

Natillas: custard dessert that is creamier with a hint of cinnamon. It is made with milk, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla flavoring, and is delicious with a cookie base.

Queso con Membrillo y Nueces (Quince cheese, cheese and nuts): The North Navarre has been worked with livestock since ancient times and the cheese has been one of its most important homemade products. Additionally, quince paste, made from fruit introduced by Greeks and Romans, is often combined with cheeses such as D. O. Roncal and Idiazabal and served after a meal. The contrast of textures, the mixture of sweet and salty flavors make this a simple but elegant dish.

Canutillos de Crema (Cream Cannolis): One of the most popular desserts in the Basque Country and Navarre, Canutillos is a type of puff pastry filled with cream and decorated with sugar.

Cuajada (Curd): This is a very popular dessert that is made from fresh milk and sugar. Especially delicious served with a drizzle of honey.

Main courses from the sea or river:

Ajoarriero: This recipe has a great tradition typical, where the muleteers desalted cod in the river, crumbled and cooked with vegetables at that time had to eat.
It’s a simple dish but very tasty, made with salted cod cooked in a skillet with potatoes, garlic, egg and oil. Ajoarriero is my favorite dish.

Trucha a la Navarra: This is a classic dish of the cuisine of Navarra. There are countless recipes for this type of fish, but generally refers to a mild fish stuffed with ham and fried crumbs in a skillet.

Main courses – meat:

Cordero al Chilindrón: Formerly, this was traditionally served at lunchtime on Sundays! Now you can typically find this lamb stew with veggies in a tomato broth at most restaurants.

Pimientos del Piquillo: Is there anything that says Navarra better than this pepper? This popular pepper is produced in Lodosa, a village of Navarra. Usually prepared in the oven, it can be eaten alone, be made into a filling for meat or fish, or served as a side with meat or a sandwich.

Estofado the Toro: Bull stew accompanied by potatoes, a special Pamplona dish traditionally served during San Fermín.

Chistorra: A traditional link sausage made with minced pork. Usually eaten fried, is often served with fried egg and potatoes (Huevos rotos con chistorra), at tapas or in a typical sandwich (Bocadillo de chistorra).

Consome: You will find many native Pamplona runners at San Fermín drinking this beef bouillon soup before a running of the bulls. This is served hot throughout the day.

Products of the land:

Pochas Estofadas: Only served during the summer season, this is a fabulous dish of braised fresh white beans. The texture is tender, creamy with a delicate flavor.

Revuelto de setas (Scrambled eggs with mushrooms): a simple, light dish with a delicate texture that practically melts in your mouth.

Cogollos de Tudela: salad usually accompanied by anchovy oil, salmon or garlic. Made with a dwarf lettuce which earned its name for being grown in the town of Tudela in Navarra. Authorities protect this native variety, which is tight, tender and tasty, by enforcing a rules restricting the sale of the seed only to the Tudela town in Navarra. establishing a control for the seed is not sold to other production areas.

When you travel, you learn a great deal about the local culture through food. So I invite you to bring this list of my favorites with you (remember to start with dessert!), discover the flavor of Navarre at San Fermín.

Pamplona is crazy during the festival of San Fermin, so I recommend you make reservations for lunch and dinner especially during the early days of the festival and on the weekend. We work with some of the best restaurants of town, if you wish we can offer different set meals at some of the best restaurants.

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