In addition to the Bulls, as at any crowded and large public party like the Festival of San Fermín, there are other hazards that you must be conscious of while enjoying your time in Pamplona.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind:


Pickpockets in Pamplona see visitors an “easy prey.” Although these thieves usually do not resort to violence, they will seek out unsuspecting or naive tourists in crowded areas.

I recommend that you don’t carry large amounts of money, and if you carry cash, always keep it in a small closed bag under your clothes. When you go through a crowd be alert so no one can take anything from your pocket.

Do not wear expensive watches, as they are easy for professional pickpockets to steal. Also, don’t carry any important documents (such as passports or credit cards). Only carry the essential items and cash that you need for that day and leave the rest of your items at the hotel.


If you have a good camera, and don’t want it to end up soggy or dirty … I recommend you don’t take it with you to the Txupinazo, because if you are in the Town Hall Square (Plaza consistorial), someone could spill champagne or water on you and your camera. However, if you’re in one of our VIP terraces will not have to worry about that risk!

Nor is it advisable take a camera to bullfights, especially if you are on the sunny side. Most bullfight attendees on this side are younger and celebrate the event with a wild party in the stands, where food, sangria and Kalimotxo are likely to spill and could ruin your device.

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, if you are going to run with the bulls, you can’t bring cameras, as they are totally prohibited. It can be dangerous for you and for others, so it’s best to leave it at your Hotel or give it someone who is watching you from a balcony.

Binge drinking

We all know that at San Fermín people celebrate with a sangria, wine or other concoction….some of us more than others, sometimes throughout the day!

As with any celebration, we recommend that you enjoy responsibly! Also, you are likely to celebrate more than one day, so remember you have plenty of time to celebrate and don’t try to fit it all in on your first day. Those that over indulge on day one are likely to end up hungover in some corner, and may miss part of the action the following days! Also, stick to one drink…mixing different alcohol types is a great way to ensure a super hangover.

Whoever said “wine before beer you are in the clear” may have forgotten the fact that wine plus any other alcohol may not be the best course of action. Know your limits and enjoy your whole time in Pamplona!


Pamplona is usually a safe city and the festivities are characterized by a safe and genial atmosphere … but it is always smart to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

If you are walking alone, it is best to always walk the main streets, which are always full of people. It is best to avoid parks and remote areas.

Broken Glass

Although Pamplona has an excellent public cleaning system, and the bars only serve drinks in plastic glasses, there are always bottles on the floor, especially during the txupinazo. So watch where you step and wear closed-toe shoes.

I do not recommend bringing flip flops at all, so you don’t risk a cut from a wayward piece of glass.

Pamplona is generally a safe city and very fun during the Festival! Just remember, be prudent, be safe and enjoy the Festival de San Fermin!

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