How To Get To Pamplona

Pamplona is the capital of Navarra, a city with a population of 197,932 and has become known worldwide her Festival, The Sanfermines!

This year, at, we have a private service for transfers that transport you from anywhere in Spain to Pamplona. Our private transfer services is a quick and convenient way to reach the city rested for maximum enjoyment!

Whether you prefer to arrive via plane, train or bus, here are some tips that will help you organize your trip.

By Plane
Pamplona/Noain Airport
Address: Ctra. Pamplona – Zaragoza, km. 5
Online reservations: Rumbo or Iberia

As it is not a large city, Pamplona does not have a big airport. Consequentially, it can be expensive and complicated to fly to Pamplona, especially during Festival time, as there are daily direct flights to Pamplona only from Barcelona and Madrid.

The Pamplona airport is only 6 Km from downtown, in the village of Noain. Currently there is no bus that connects the city with the airport the best way to get to the main part of town is by taxi or by using our private service transfer.

As you can imagine, from July 5th to 14th Pamplona is very busy, so we recommend using our transfer service to navigate the crowd. After a long journey, our private transfer service allows you to avoid a line.

When you arrive at the airport, your private driver will wait with your name and take you to your hotel quickly.

Besides Noain, the nearest airports where you could arrive are: Vitoria (101 Km), Biarritz (128 Km), Bilbao (170 km), Zaragoza (172 km), Madrid (407 km) and Barcelona (437 km).

From these cities you can take train or bus services that work very well and are not very expensive.

By Train
Train Station of Pamplona
Address: Plaza de la Estación 1, Pamplona
Information and Tickets: 902-320320
Online Reservations: Renfe

The Pamplona train station is in the neighborhood of San Jorge. Currently the city rail system works very well, thanks Alvia trains, which are new and fast.

These trains established a quick and efficient connection between Pamplona and Barcelona, Madrid, Vitoria or Zaragoza.

Once in Pamplona train station, there are three options to get to the old town: by taxi, in our private shuttle or bus (Line 9).

By Bus
Pamplona Bus Station
Address: C/Yanguas y Miranda Nº2

The bus station is located in the center of the city, at a very new station, where several companies operate daily connections between Pamplona with Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, Vitoria, Zaragoza or Biarritz.

Once at the bus station, you can walk to your hotel if it is located in the city center, ​​or take a bus.

Here are some sites where you can buy bus tickets:

From Bilbao or Vitoria to Pamplona: La Burundesa

From San Sebastián, Madrid, Zaragoza or Biarritz to Pamplona: Conda

From Barcelona to Pamplona: Vibasa

Getting around Pamplona:
Pamplona is a city where you can see all the sights easily by foot. If your hotel is situated in the old town, you will not need you to take any transportation to get around the city. If your accommodations are located off center, it is best is that you travel to the city by taxi (+34 948232300 or +34 948 221212) or urban bus.

Have a nice trip!!!

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