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#1 Tour Operator at The Running of the Bulls® wins 2nd Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence
November 2, 2016

Running of the Bulls, Inc.,’s owner, has won the coveted Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for the second year in a row. The award is based on the reviews of actual guests, and their ratings of the service provided during the company’s tours of Pamplona.  Responding to news of the award, Mark Hellmann Regouby, President of the company said, “We are so grateful for our wonderful guests, and appreciate the fact that they took the time to review their experience traveling with us in Pamplona. Years ago, we chose to differentiate ourselves in the market by providing 5-star service, and it has resulted in great relationships with our guests, and even new friendships that have lasted for years. Our … read more

The Running of the Bulls through a child’s eyes
March 7, 2014

We would like to thank Elijah for sharing with the world his experience in Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls. This young blogger, enjoyed San Fermin with us in 2013. We not wants to share with the world what the Running of the Bulls and San Fermin is like through a child’s eyes. Why did you decide to travel to The Running of the Bulls? I decided to go see the running of the bulls because it sounded fun. I was going to Spain anyway for summer holiday, plus I chose Spain as the country for a school report, so I read about it. But I was already interested in the running of the bulls before I researched it … read more

Interview with the Artist – Running of the Bulls
October 25, 2012

Carlos Ciriza ( is one of the most recognized painters and sculptors from the Navarre region with more international potential. I would also like to discover further possibilities that the Navarre has to offer, regarding art and culture. We can find works by Carlos Ciriza in museums, parks, highways, public and private collections, and distributed in 23 countries. In Pamplona only two museums house his work and are not equipped to display more of his pieces. One of Carlos’ sculptures, entitled “The World of the Bulls”, is located outside the bullring in Pamplona. With this sculpture Mr. Ciriza wanted to capture his love of his city and the Festival of San Fermin. Carlos’ other piece of work in Pamplona is … read more

San Fermin Festival With KIDS!
May 1, 2012

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the San Fermin festival is a celebration for all ages, and few cities can claim to have a variety of different events and activities that both children and adults can enjoy together. To know what children might enjoy the most, it is best to go directly to the source. I decided to interview Ane and Sarai Martinez, two sisters, from Pamplona, aged 8 and 11 years old that look forward to festivals each year. What does the San Fermin Festival mean to you? San Fermin means fun and activities. We had a great time because we do many things from morning until night. We play and dance all day long. And what do … read more

Who was San Fermin?
April 30, 2012

Over time, I have been surprised by the large number of tourists that come to Pamplona to enjoy the festival. I assume that when each one sees the procession or the figure of the saint (San Fermin) in scarves, posters, etc.. they must wonder … who was he?? Well, in this post, we will put aside the bulls, the party, the drink and food to learn the history of the saint behind the festival: The Sanfermines, better known worldwide as the Running of the bulls, owe their name to the son of Firmo, a senior Roman administration official that ruled Pamplona in the third century, and his wife Eugenia. The young Fermin was baptized by San Saturnino (Pamplona’s Patron) in … read more

The Fireworks in Pamplona
September 29, 2011

A good and cheap way to have dinner in Pamplona during Running of the bulls is to buy a sandwich and something to drink and go to the Vuelta del Castillo Park to watch the fireworks.

 Fireworks were first seen in Pamplona in 1595, and, since then, the fireworks have been an annual tradition of the San Fermín Festival.  However, it was not until 2000 when these fireworks came to celebrate the Sanfermines Fireworks International Competition held from July 6th to July 14th. Every night, at 11:00 pm, thousands of people sit and look at the sky and see explosions of bright, colored light. This nightly half hour fireworks spectacle is an event you shouldn’t miss if you are in … read more

The San Fermin Festival through the eyes of a Pamplonica
February 23, 2011

For me, the festival of San Fermín is much more than raging bulls, madness and alcohol. I was born on December 27th and 7 months later I was dressed like a Pamplonica. 

 On July 6th, at noon, at the time of txupinazo, I was baptized at the same time the mayor of Pamplona initiated one of the best parties in the world! 

 Perhaps this is why I have so much affection for this week, days in which the young, old, rich, poor, local and foreigners alike dress in white and red, and celebrate at a party known worldwide for its tradition and revelry. 

 Indeed, it is a party for all ages. As a child, I visited the … read more